What We Can Offer You

All the products that Freeman Insurances have to offer families are Immediate Coverage . Meaning once that policy is approved the client has active coverage at the moment of first payment. Other companies will put people on a 24 to 36 month waiting period. That means, If the insured should pass away before the 24 to 36 month window their families would only receive the premium invested into the policy, and not the full benefit.
Whole Life Policy


Whole life policies which are essentially a Final Expense Policy are for life or till age 110. “Policy would be paid out in full at 110.” Premiums never increase and benefits never decrease. Whole Life policies also carry a kind of savings account known as Cash Value. Cash value can be borrowed on, and also if the policy is terminated or surrendered early that cash value is sent to the policy owner.



What's the difference between Whole Life and Term Life?

Like whole life plans, most term life plans have a fixed premium and fixed death benefit. However, whole life provides benefits for the rest of the insured person’s life, whereas term life only lasts for a specific period of time. In addition, a whole life policy includes cash value, whereas a term life policy only includes the death benefit. On the other hand, term life has a lower premium per dollar of coverage and significantly larger death benefits are available.

How much does Whole Life Insurance cost?

In general, whole life is a highly affordable type of insurance, and the premium will never increase. Your premium takes into account your current age at the time of issue, your gender, and your death benefit amount.

How are benefits paid out?

Death benefits are paid to the primary beneficiary or contingent beneficiary in full at the passing of the policy owner. Death benefits are non-taxable income.


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